Touching Lives, Transforming Nations

Transforming lives, impacting nations

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Water is Life, we can give it, drop by drop

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Touch Africa Now participates in the area of sanitation by building VIP latrines in partnership with our donors. These latrines are serving the pupils at each of our schools.

We participate in community sanitation through spraying areas prone to vectors and diseases (fumigation)

TAN volunteers training and giving out Female Hygiene

‚Äčkits to adolescent girls

A borehole being installed in Yumbe

 Touch Africa Now contributes to the disadvantaged who do not have access to water and sanitation in a number of ways. 

We have presence in Mid-west, North, Central and West Nile regions.

The water points serve an estimate of over 2000 people everyday with clean life giving water. Hence, water related diseases where we have presence have reduced by 40% already. We could not have done so much without partners.

Below, we summarise what we do in this regard.

Through partnership, we have been able to sink boreholes benefiting communities in Kiryandongo, Yumbe, and Arua. These boreholes serve thousands of families, by providing them with consistent clean water. The water is available even in dry seasons and that people do not have to walk many miles to find a water source.

Drilling a borehole is an expensive fit but worthwhile because the underground water is quite safe and free from water borne diseases.

We have been able to supply hundreds of Clean and safe Water filters to families and offices in our areas of operation.

These filters, along with the training in how to use them properly, have helped recipients save on the cost of boiling water and have drastically reduced the water-borne diseases in the communities they have served.


Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

Children enjoying clean water from a borehole



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Touch Africa Now is improving the hygiene of women and girls of reproductive age through capacity building in making re-usable sanitary pads and providing materials like Female Hygiene Kits (FHK).

These kits contain items like clean underwear, washcloths, soap, a bucket for washing and disposable sanitary pads. Managing menstruation is a huge factor that contributes to school dropout. Supplies like these are a very important in promoting education for girls.

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