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Touch Africa Now has also had the chance to participate in the sanitation area, by building clean toilets, in partnership with UNICEF, DUCF, and private donors. These toilets have mainly served the students and faculty at each of our schools: in Nyakagando, Wakiso, Kampala, Yumbe, Arua, and in two centers in Rhino Refugee Camp.


WASH stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. It encompasses the standards for providing safe water, proper sanitation, and appropriate hygiene. Africa is one of the world regions with the biggest challenges in water, sanitation and hygiene. Across the continent of sub saharan Africa, 327 million people lack access to safe drinking water, while 565 million must do without a safe and hygienic toilet. Its one of the mandates of Touch Africa Now to see that the communities we serve, have Clean, safe water and toilets.


By partnering with Rotary International, we’ve been able to install boreholes in several communities near our schools: one in Nyakagando, two in Yumbe, and one in Arua. These boreholes serve thousands of families, by providing them with consistent clean water, pumped from deep underground. They ensure that water is available even in dry seasons and that people don’t have to walk many miles to find a water source.

By partnering with donors like R3ACH Global, DOVE Uganda Children’s Fund (DUCF), and Tiva Water, we’ve been able to supply hundreds of Tiva Water filters to families and offices in the West Nile Region- Arua, Yumbe, and Rhino Camp- as well to sponsored students and their families in various regions throughout the country. These filters, along with the training in how to use them properly, have helped recipients save on the cost of boiling water and have drastically reduced the water-borne diseases in the communities they have served.

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Concerning hygiene, Touch Africa Now has had the privilege to provide women and adolescent girls with items to hygienically manage their menstrual cycles. By partnering with R3ACH Global, we’ve been able to provide Female Hygiene Kits (FHKs) to hundreds of women in Rhino Refugee Camp. These kits contain items like clean underwear, washcloths, soap and a bucket for washing, and disposable sanitary pads, which last the women for three months. Through DUCF, Touch Africa Now has provided washable sanitary pads to adolescent girl sponsored students. Since menstruation is a huge factor in school dropout rates, supplies like these are a very important part of education for girls.

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