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What We're Doing

Millions of Africans are affected by poverty, which in turn gives birth to hopelessness. While there is no simple answer, we believe that we can make a difference through transformation:  one life,one nation at a time.

Our vision is to positively transform the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities through developing strategic relationships and partnerships that promote ethical values.

We do this by partnering with various national and international organizations , to carry out  projects which impact and change lives of people that we meet everyday. While we are a small and growing organization, we have managed to accomplish some of our tasks by networking: connecting the local communities with the international community for the better livelihood of Africa.


Our many services can be divided into five main categories:

1) Education and Sponsorship: This is our first and foremost focus. We believe that, while other services are valuable, nothing will pull people out of poverty like education. We have seven schools, in several different regions of the country.

One of the most effective and long-term services we've been able to offer is sponsorship. While the largest program, DOVE Uganda Children's Fund, centers around students, there are other sponsorship programs which are more recently offered: refugee teacher sponsorship and the Refugee Child Protection Initiative.

2) Health: While we do have one nurse who works directly with TAN, through the DUCF Sponsorship Program, we've also had the privilege of partnering with Medical organizations- both local and international- to offer health services to a wide variety of people in the communities we serve.

3) WASH: Through partnering with various international organizations, we've been able to offer meaningful services in all three areas of WASH: Water, Sanitation, and Health.

4) Relief: While our normal operations aim to offer sustainable, long-term programs, there are times when emergency, temporary relief is needed. Through partnering with concerned individuals and organizations, we've been able to offer relief to a hospital in Yumbe, as well as in Rhino Refugee Camp.