Touching Lives, Transforming Nations

Transforming lives, impacting nations

Touch Africa Now

Core Thematic Areas

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In summary, we offer the following services:

  • WASH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
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  • Health services - diagnosis and treatment of diseases, community sensitisation
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  • Education - sponsoring educational needs from nursery to secondary school (A' level)
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  • Economic Empowerment - post secondary school skills education
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Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations
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We welcome suggestions for implementing other programs as long as they are related to the improved welfare of refugees and disadvantaged children.

Therefore, we sometimes include other programs like

  • Parents seminars
  • Community sensitisation
  • Building projects
  • Counselling
  • Prayer and christian activities
  • Home visits
  • Temporary shelter

Can't spend a dime? 
Then, spend some time... helping us help those in need.
TAN provides several services to the community. Focus is on supporting the disadvantaged children of society. Therefore, TAN has a big presence in refugee camps in Northern Uganda. 

Over the years, TAN has benefited not less than 10,000 people. This has been made possible by the help of volunteers and funders who have sacrificed time and money to be there for God's people. Thank you so much for your big hearts and may God richly bless you. In summary, TAN provides the following services / programs



Other programs