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Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

Nanteza Winnie

I am Nanteza Winnie and a mother of Male Henry. I have 5 children. Their father died of an accident and I was left alone with no help at all. Not even a house of my own. I was chased from the rented house and I had to stay with a relative in Kampala.

I came to know about the sponsorship program from a nearby neighbour who took me to the sponsorship officeand my child got also sponsorship in P.1. I was so desperate, I had no hope that my children would attend school, but I thank God for this sponsorship program ‘batujjewalla’ she says ,(meaning that, ‘they have got us from very far’) my child started receiving gifts of a mattress, bed sheets, a blanket, mosquito net and a water filter, I cannot fail to express my great appreciation to the sponsor of my child, and the program  all this  have not only helped my child but has helped the whole family.

My children used to share one mattress, and a blanket but one my sponsored child has his own personal beddings, long live this program, we used to drink unboiled water which caused my children to suffer from typhoid but the sponsorship program though of us and supplied all the sponsored children with Tiva Water Filters which have saved our children’s lives. Can you imagine, my children can now even pack clean water to school?

Not forgetting the sensitization seminars we attend on value of education, child abuse, child labour and copying up from had situations, all these topics have helped me asingle parent to copy up.

I want to thank God for also Ephraim and Mama Jova who have shown a trusted heart to love our children by paying them school fees every term ,year to year up to now, and giving our children gifts, for sure they are a blessing to us.

Lastly ,I thank God for the sponsorship coordinator Agnes, who loves our children and ensures that they are at school, have received fees every term, visits them at their homes ,gives them their gifts, may God bless her.

May God bless our dear sponsors in USA who day and night think of our children in Uganda, May God reward them abundantly.

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