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 In January 2018, Touch Africa Now West Nile Region received a medical outreach team from DUCF. This team held two clinics: one of the medical outreach was held at Hope Kebir Nursery and Primary School, Arua and the other one at Joy Simbili ECD Center in Rhino refugee Camp.

In Hope Kebir, a total of 184 people received treatment. In Joy ECD Center, a total of 147 refugee people received treatment. The team was led by Brian Strom of Princeton Illinois. As the medicine, was being ministered, other members of the team were busy praying for people who had received medication. 

Medical Camps

Through the DOVE Uganda Children’s Fund, we are able to provide quarterly de-worming at our schools. We are also able to offer as-needed medical care for students. We have a part-time nurse on staff who is available for assessment, treatment, and referral.

We also have had the opportunity to partner with other organizations to provide temporary health services. These include provision of mosquitoe nets in order to reduce incidences of malaria; provision of supplements to the frail children, etc.

We believe that health is an important component in providing humanitarian aid. We cater for the mind through education, and the physical through a healthy body.

Though Uganda has made strides in health in the past two decades, there is still much work to be done. Uganda ranks 20 out of all countries in terms of the “under five mortality rate” and still grapples with preventable or treatable sicknesses such as malaria, tuberculosis, worms, and typhoid. To help combat such things, we have regular healthcare programs and several other temporary programs:


Children receive Mosquito nets


Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

R3ACH, in partnership with TAN, on a quarterly basis donates Nutrition supplemental food to the nutrition ward of Yumbe Hospital. Due to the renovation being done on the hospital, which has caused the relocation of the whole hospital to the town healthy Center, January and February were slower months for admission of malnourished patients. Only a dozen patients are admitted.

Through partnership with R3ACH Global, we are able to supply Kuru Hospital with items for their childhood nutrition ward and their diabetic ward, as well as employ a healthcare worker to oversee the nutrition ward. Quarterly, R3ACH supplies the hospital with supplementary food, such as millet and dried fish, for malnourished children. Yearly, R3ACH brings the hospital diabetic testing supplies.

Our organization nurse continues to work to provide care for the admitted malnourished children through hardship circumstances since the new facility can’t accommodate the huge number of patients from the region. There is need for more organizations to come in and help the situation before it gets out of control.

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Medical supplies


Touching Lives, Transforming Nations