Touch Africa Now
We welcome your generous contribution in support of the cause that TAN stands for. Our immediate needs are articulated HERE.

Thank you for your interest to get involved. You can do through several ways discussed below.

No help is too small

Contribute financially in the following ways:

  • Sponsor a Refugee: Due to the recent huge influx of refugees from South Sudan and Congo, we have developed a temporary sponsorship program which caters for incoming refugee children. This is designed to cater for immediate needs. 
  • Sponsor a Teacher: Due to the nature of the refugee crisis, there is no way for schools in the camp to be self-sustaining. Parents cannot pay school fees; therefore, teachers cannot receive an income... unless people sponsor their salaries.
  • Sponsor a disadvantaged child:  Unlike the refugee sponsorship, this is a long-term program, in which each sponsor caters for the educational needs of a child throughout primary and secondary levels. To choose a child to sponsor, click HERE.
  • Building:  A classroom block, water tank, play center, playground, etc

In order to Donate now, Click HERE



Contribute physical items like:
-Scholarstic materials: books, pens, crayons, uniforms etc
-Food and essentials: Rice, beans, sugar, maize, soap etc
-Medical supplies:  

- Building materials: cement, sand, timber, nails, paint etc

- Other supplies: torches, raincoats, gumboots, carpets etc

Post it, tweet it, share it. The more people you tell, the more help we can receive.


Make a single or monthly donation directly from your bank account, credit card, or Paypal.

Give your time... We welcome volunteers to:

  • Teach/ Train
  • Clean
  • Build
  • Treat (physical and emotional needs)
  • Support activities (register, record, drive, translate, etc)

we welcome you... either here in person or as a distance volunteer. 
Because we are involved in so many areas of service, there is something for nearly everyone who would wish to help: healthcare workers, teachers and school administrators, IT personnel, secretaries, book-keepers and accountants, construction workers, etc. Please contact us to let us know how you desire to help.

Give your time

Can't spend a dime? 
Then, spend some time... helping us help those in need.

Give resources


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