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"If it was not the DUCF program, I would be forced to get married at a younger age but long live the sponsorship program that is making my future brighter every day."

Am called Alia Faud, Am 11 years old .Am in p.4 class.I live in Arua, Uganda. I attend Hope Kebir Nursery and Primary School. I love my school so much. Am so happy about the sponsorship program that has changed my life and family. Before I got sponsorship I had no hope of schooling especially when I realized that my father died . I live with my mother. I have no father, My father died when I  was still a baby. It’s my mother who struggles to take care of the 6 of us by selling table clothes .My mother did not have money to take us all to school. Even some of my brothers and sisters are still at home no School fees, I thank God for the sponsorship program that has made me stay at school since baby class. They pay my school fees in time, I can now read and write.

Of recent the program blessed me with a mattress ,blanket, and a bed sheet, I was so happy, Before  that, I used to share one mattress  with my young sisters and brothers  but now I can sleep alone  and  be comfortable. Thank you so much my sponsors.  Also I received a goat. My goat is pregnant and am expecting twin kids.  My mother has started seeing hope in me now through the sponsor program. If it was not this program, I would be forced to get married at a younger age but long live the sponsorship program and Touch Africa Now for making my future brighter every day.Am no longer scared!!

“I could never imagine that one day, I will also sleep on a mattress, cover myself with  bed sheets and have a blanket”

My name is Nkalubu George. Am from Uganda and in P.3 class. I live with both my mother and father in a one roomed house. My parents are poor and are not working. They go dig in people’s gardens to get money to feed us. Sometimes we have one meal in a day.

In our house,which we rent, we have one old  mattress which dad and mum use, for us 3 boys we sleep down on an old mat and cover ourselves with a piece  of cloth . At night we feel cold and the mat which we sleep on is hard .It presses our bodies, I don’t sleep well because I keep turning all night. I have never slept on the mattress. Not sleeping well  made to always sleep in class while the teacher is teaching. I used to admire the Sponsored children when they were given mattresses by their sponsors.

At night, I could always get cold because the cloth that I was covering myself wasn’t keeping me warm enough when it was cold. I was miserable all the time.

When I got a sponsor to  pay my school fees, I was so happy, I knew  my life would change; I started going to school , I was also  given a mattress, blanket and bed sheet. For sure my life and family has not remained the same. Am now performing well in class.

May God bless and protect our sponsors for what they are doing to us.

Meet Faud and George

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Ali Faud with the gifts from her sponsor

George on the garbage bag he used to sleep on

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Ali Faud pictured with her mother

George comfortable on the mattress from his sponsor

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