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Chol was given a small plot of land which she cleverly developed. She used some of her food rations, given by World Food Program, to pay local Ugandans (who live in the camp area but who do not receive rations) to help her construct a fence around it. She said she was so concerned with protecting her children that they went without enough food in order to have a safe compound and adequate huts to live in. 

When Good Hope Nursery School was established by Touch Africa Now, just a two-minute walk from her home, some of Chol's children began attending.  And she was elected as the school Treasurer, who takes care of the school supplies by storing them safely in one of her huts. 

Right now, Chol says her biggest challenge is providing for her children, especially as it concerns shoes and clothes. She is also scared because World Food Program has announced that it will reduce food rations for all refugees, due to lack of resources. She is unsure how she will feed her children, as she is not allowed to hold a job under her refugee status. Ultimately, she said, she just puts her trust in God to care for her family.

Please pray for Good Hope Nursery School, as it desperately needs a more permanent school structure, after the former one was destroyed by heavy rain and wind. The current tent, donated by UNICEF, is used as a classroom during the rain but is not appropriate for sunny days, since the heat inside becomes unbearable. Many times, the students just study outside under a tree.

Please also keep Chol and others like her, single mothers with many children, in your prayers.

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This is Chol Toang. She used to live in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. But she left in 2014, shortly after the first round of fighting began. She fled with her five small children; she was pregnant with her sixth. She still does not know where her husband is, whether he is dead or alive.

Chol found some safety in Uganda, in Rhino Refugee Camp. She ended up delivering her baby from there on May 3, 2014, and named him Angulupi, after the cluster (village) where she was settled in the camp.

Chol said that she is thankful to Uganda for treating her well and that she is thankful to our supporters who sponsor the teachers at Good Hope Nursery School. Since refugee children are not allowed to pay school fees, the only reason the school functions is that generous people have agreed to pay the allowances for the teachers who operate the school.

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