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Children in ECD schools

Feeding of refugee children is a big challenge because the handouts given to their families are so meagre, and the refugees keep increasing. Currently, more refugees are entering in from Democratic Republic of Congo and OPM is so stretched. Many times, the refugee families sleep hungry. 

TAN supplements the feeding needs of the refugees in the following ways:

Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

TAN feed children in the ECD schools. ECD schools are schools within the refugee camps. 

We feed the children on Maize, beans and rice. They are fed breakfast porridge and lunch. Supper is catered for at home by their parents. 

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Community sensitization on farming practices

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Yumbe Hospital is a Government hospital in Yumbe district. The hospital has a nutrition ward that is also under supplied.

TAN contibutes to the nutritional needs of the community by supplying Yumbe hospital with nutritional supplies.

We also carry out community sensitization on the best nutritional methods to avoid malnutrition.

The feeding programme that has run for more than three years in Yumbe hospital has created a great impact in the lives of the malnourished children and their mothers. This is as a result of quarterly provision of supplementary food items to the therapeutic Nutrition unit.

On quarterly basis, TAN always supports the nutrition unit with the following items; G Nuts, silverfish, millet flour, Beans and Simsim. In addition to the above, TAN has also supported the unit with Non-food items such as beddings, solar lightening system and medicine.


Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

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Nutrition Wards in Yumbe Hospital


Touch Africa Now has also had the chance to participate in the sanitation area, by building clean toilets, in partnership with UNICEF, DUCF, and private donors. These toilets have mainly served the students and faculty at each of our schools: in Nyakagando, Wakiso, Kampala, Yumbe, Arua, and in two centers in Rhino Refugee Camp.