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Then, in 2014, after conflict erupted in newly-formed South Sudan, Touch Africa Now was requested by the Office of the Prime Minister to open schools in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement. Though we had never considered this idea before, we felt it was irresponsible not to try and assist in any way we could. Though we have limited funding compared to huge, international organizations, we began with what we had.

Currently, there are three Early Childhood Education (ECD) centers in three different clusters of Rhino Camp, which educate over 1000 students.

Since the camp residents (refugees) cannot pay school fees, there was no way to generate income. We had to think of a way to support the teachers so that they could provide quality education to the children. So in 2014, a teachers’ sponsorship program was formed; donors from abroad support the allowances of teachers in each of our centers.

While managing schools in needy communities comes with challenges, we will continue to value education primarily, as long as Touch Africa Now exists.

School Motto:
"Education is Light"

  Touch AFRICA Now  (TAN)


Touch Africa Now’s main focus is education. While we have many other programs in place, we feel that education is the key to poverty eradication and therefore promote it passionately. With Uganda’s adult literacy rate at just over 73% nationwide, and much lower percentages in the less advantaged areas, there is still work to do.

Since our first school opened its doors back in 2003, Touch Africa Now has sought to provide education in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods. We have never been after profit but have, rather, been after changing students’ lives through literacy.

With our first schools in Kampala and Wakiso, we began traditional private school programs, where parents pay the small cost of the students’ fees, in order to allow the school to be self-sustaining (to pay rent and teachers’ salaries.)

Then, with help from our partners, the DOVE Uganda Children’s Fund was formed. This allowed sponsors to cater for the needs of students, from schooling to basic medical care to mosquito nets and other gifts. This sponsorship program has expanded with the addition of each of our schools.

We currently have four traditional Touch Africa Now schools:

one in Kampala (Skyview Junior School- Namungoona)
one in Kiryandongo (Nyakagando TAN School)
one in Arua (Hope Kebir Nursery and Primary School)
one in Yumbe (Peace Yumbe Nursery and Primary School)

These schools educate over 1000 children in total

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