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Human Development

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Infrastructure Development

There are many children who are not in school due to financial constraints. We have urgent need to support their education by providing for them:

  • Education scholarship ( 30$ per child per month)
    • School fees, feeding and medical. Chose a child to sponsor HERE
  • Skills empowerment
    • Vocational skills training 20$ per child per training
    • Community emowerement seminars ( 300$ per seminar per center)
  • Refugee emergency support
    • ECD caregivers pay (100$ per month per teacher)
    • ECD security guards ($50 per month epr guard)
    • ECD feeding break snack (10$ per child per month)
    • Child protection (clothing, uniform 5$ per month per child)
  • Household poverty allieviation
    • family gifts (goats, chicken, fruit seedlings) 60$ per year​ 
We welcome your generous contribution in support of the cause that TAN stands for. Our immediate needs are articulated here and we welcome your contribution towards this noble cause.


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Impacting Lives, Transforming Nations

​The urgent needs we have are:

  •  Cement three Class rooms

          Budget: ($1300 per Center x 3 Centers= $3,900

  • Purchase more plastic chairs for the children in the Centers

         Budget: ($5 per chair x 300 refugee Kids = $1,500)

  • Roof the five classroom block at peace Yumbe Nursery and Primary School.

          Budget: $3,666

  • Build a two stance toilet at the ECD Centers.

          Budget: $6,000 per center

  • Borehole drilling 

         Budget: $10,000 per borehole

Transforming lives, impacting nations


Touching Lives, Transforming Nations