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I am Nanteza Winnie and a mother of Male Henry. I have 5 children. Their father died of an accident and I was left alone with no help at all. Not even a house of my own. I was chased from the rented house and I had to stay with a relative in Kampala.

I came to know about the sponsorship program from a nearby neighbour who took me to the sponsorship office and my child got also sponsorship in P.1. I was so desperate, I had no hope that my children would attend school READ MORE

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I am a parent of  Mwendwa  Emmanuel , I have 6 children now, am a peasant farmer living in Kiryandongo District, as far as the child sponsorship program is concerned, I benefit a lot. My child is able to attend school regularly and his performance has been good. The fees are paid in time which motivates the teachers to be committed to teaching greatly appreciate the efforts that sponsorship program has put to uplift the education of my child .my child has received different gifts like shoes, blankets, bedsheets, mattresses and goats. All these gifts have helped to strengthen the relationship between me and my child. Of recent my child received a goat, this goat gave birth to twins, years later each goat gave birth to twins and currently he has 8 goats. As the goats keep multiplying, some will be sold to meet basic needs. Am also planning to buy him a cow. Am so proud of my child’s sponsor, every evening we mention his name in our prayers.    


Nanteza Winnie

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Mwendwa  Emmanuel 

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Story By: Caleb Mwendwa,

Parent to Emmanuel



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