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Refugee Child Protection Initiative

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Care provided at school in our Refugee ECD Centers-
               -Feeding (1 meal of porridge at school) - $100
               -Uniform (a pair of shorts and a shirt for boys and a dress for girls) (to provide     

                protection by easy identification) - $10

Care provided at home-
                -Blanket (to prevent hypothermia, due to sleeping in inadequate structures) - $5
                -Clothing (one outfit for hot weather and one outfit for cold weather) - $12
                -Mosquito nets (to help prevent malaria) - $8
                -Implementation costs (include, transport, communication, daily allowances for

                 fieldworkers,etc )- $15

Total care: $150 / year / child

August 2016

Refugee Child Protection Initiative launched to respond to the South Sudanese refugee crisis

May 2016

Medical outreaches in Yumbe, Arua, and Rhino Refugee Camp, through help from MedHope Africa Team

April 2016

Completed first phase of construction on Arua school, through help from R3ACH


  • Establishing schools throughout Uganda, in the Northern and Central regions, and in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement- Arua
  • Providing clean water - through drilling community boreholes, domestic water filters, and community filtration systems 
  • Child sponsorship for 400 children (including tuition, medical care, and gifts) and teacher sponsorship for 20 teachers (who are caretakers in our ECD Centers in Rhino Camp)
  • Distributing Relief - to hospitals, refugee camps, and in poor urban communities


Our main objective is to improve livelihoods at various levels through assessment, design, and implementation of community development projects.


Our mission is to empower, teach, and influence people to become responsible, productive, and self-reliant  in order to cause sustainable human development.